Property Assessment Report

At your request, CTM will provide a Property Assessment Report, at no cost or obligation to you. The report lists items where we offer suggestions on improving the overall performance and enhancing your apartment community. It also includes useful insights and photos as to changes or modifications that can be made, based on our management experience and marketing knowledge.

CTM often uncovers physical and marketing problems at apartment communities which significantly impacts the appeal of a property. We make suggestions as to possible remedies for these items, sometimes with additional capital expenditures or other resources where you get the “biggest bang for your buck”.

The report is prepared within 3 to 5 days after having visited the property, and CTM makes every effort to perform our review discreetly, with an understanding that on-site personnel and tenants cannot be disturbed.

Standard Assessment

Apartment Property Assessment Team reviewing drawings

  • Summarized market rent survey of competing properties.
  • Exterior review and walk of entire property.
  • Interior unit and model review (if requested).
  • Market window and signage review to increase on-site traffic.
  • Review of on-site management including staffing secret shops (if requested).
  • Leasing office review with suggestions on layout and presentation (if requested).
  • Evaluation of any potential new revenue sources and value-add amenities.
  • Suggestions on items that can reduce operating expenses and utility bills.
  • Review property for increasing safety and removing potential hazards.
  • Property photos with observation notes.
  • Review of property website (if any).