Property Management

CTM Apartment Services provides management services exclusively for multifamily properties. Our focus is to specialize in one property type in order to become the best in our market and maximize the performance of each asset. We encourage teamwork and provide training at all levels of our organization, from the on-site personnel to the regional supervisors, accountants and associates in the corporate office in order to ensure the highest level of human resources is assembled in a team to achieve the desired results.

Ultimate success of the apartment community rests with the team selected to manage each community. This team is thoroughly trained, motivated, and monitored in accordance with the client’s goals and plan developed in cooperation with CTM and the client is vital to a successful execution. Meetings are scheduled as often as the client deems necessary, in order to assure communication is clear and concise and to encourage the team concept in operations. This structure and degree of interface is a proven formula for success.

Our range of expertise is demonstrated in the successful management of over 8,000 units and represents a variety of multifamily products that include market rate and affordable projects as well as high-rise and garden style rental units. CTM constantly monitors and inspects both the physical and financial operations of your apartment community on a weekly basis to address potential challenges facing the asset and discuss any alterations in strategy that may need to occur.

Property Management
  • Conduct weekly staff meetings between the regional supervisor and the on-site personnel.Property Manager handing over key
  • Screen, hire and oversee all on-site personnel and staff and provide all necessary training.
  • Visit each apartment community an average of four times per month, including one unannounced visit each month which may occur on a weekend.
  • Provide monthly analysis of market rents and trends to effectively position a property and implement or modify marketing, leasing and management strategy in order to maximize asset value.
  • Inspect vacant units weekly and occasionally make nightly visits to insure there is adequate lighting, parking and security.
  • On-site managers and staff personally visit residents, after the 5th of each month, to provide additional assistance in order to make timely collections.
  • Fair Housing training and testing for all management personnel and sexual harassment training for all on-site staff.
  • Asset renovation and property repositioning including lease-up of newly constructed apartment communities.
  • CTM processes credit checks on all prospective residents with our in-house computer system linked to TRW, CBI, EQUIFAX and First American Registry/SafeRent.
  • Negotiate insurance contracts, tax appeals, and service contracts upon request.
  • Administer all Small Claims and Unlawful Detainers.
  • Pre-approve all outside vendors, scope-of-work and service.
  • Provide 24-hour maintenance, seven days a week, if needed along with preventative maintenance programs.
  • Maximize the flow of information by installing computer stations at each site and networking on-site with e-mail systems and corporate computer servers. This allows us access to daily and weekly reports, and helps us achieve two very important objectives:
    1. On-site managers and their regional supervisor have an accurate report and current status on each property, allowing us to plan daily marketing and maintenance assignments.
    2. Review available units, so that on-site managers may communicate and refer prospective tenants to another CTM community.
  • We will meet with our clients as often as they deem necessary, in order to create a successful apartment community.
  • CTM is certified to manage Receiverships and is well qualified because of having worked on a number of cases throughout Southern California.
Accounting & Reporting

CTM offers superb accounting and reporting support for our management team, with a “checks and balances” system to generate accuracy, consistency and continuity for our clients. All of the accounting information is processed through various personnel levels that provides real-time cash reporting for purchase decisions and payment authorizations.

Accounting is centralized in our corporate offices in order to maintain accountability and control over the financial processes employed in operating the properties. In addition to the controller supervision, there will be accounts payable staff dedicated to each project to ensure accuracy and consistency in reporting.

Our systems and processes have consistently received favorable opinions from several nationally recognized, institutional investors, and reporting is designed to keep the clients and their investors apprised of ongoing operations and performance with the goal of working within the budget set by the client.

  • YARDI© Voyager accounting software, which allows real-time reporting to our clients.
  • Provide client with monthly operating statements and spreadsheets by the 10th to 15th day of each month.Accounting & Reporting team meeting
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements and cash reports.
  • Payroll administration including payroll taxes and all year–end 1099’s and W-2’s.
  • Yearly and long-term capital expenditure plans and capital projects oversight.
  • 1 or 2 year pro forma operating budgets.
  • Cash disbursement processing to all investors and individuals.
  • Agency Bond payments and administration.
  • Meetings with client to review accounting process and create additional, customized reports as required, either on a regular basis or from time to time.
Creative Marketing

Creativity and insight of the prospective tenant’s concerns, is the key to successful marketing. In an industry that seldom looks “outside the box,” CTM has a knack for identifying and creating profitable marketing solutions with our clients. A property assessment will quickly determine what changes can make a positive difference in the value-add process and position the property for the best marketing window. Our management services include:

  • Professional marketing and branding including internet, publications and direct mail.
  • Ability to customize on-site print literature such as brochures, floor plans and location maps.
  • Create newsletters specifically for residents with monthly activities on the property to develop a sense of community.
  • Inspect the property on a daily basis to gauge the marketing appeal and address any issues that may negatively affect the drive-by window.
  • Monthly rent surveys and competing property visits by our staff to determine the competition’s leasing and marketing programs, as well as noting any changes to the overall property.
  • Database all competing properties and perform a direct marketing campaign. In-house handling of the direct marketing allows immediate response to market conditions at a cost far less than the industry standard.
  • Discuss with every resident, approximately 60 days prior to lease expiration, various lease rates and concessions and encourage renewal of lease agreement.
  • Survey residents periodically and use the findings to make necessary adjustments and changes to services, amenities and the open spaces in order to promote tenant retention.
Human Resources

CTM clients benefit from our ability to hire quality professionals and only the best people with a team oriented philosophy. Our Human Resources Department handles all staffing responsibilities and provides training services and programs for recruiting and retaining seasoned management personnel. Our services include:

  • All areas of management training for all personnel on-site.Human Resources team meeting
  • Leasing seminars, training and marketing classes.
  • On-site manager’s classes and training.
  • Maintenance personnel training & classes.
  • On-site manager’s training and required certifications.
  • Interviewing, background checks and hiring of all personnel.
  • Employee manuals and benefit plan administration.
  • Worker’s compensation programs.
  • Payroll & Year End W-2 Reports.
  • Annual on-site LIHTC Compliance training and reviews.
  • Performance evaluations and tracking.
  • Fair Housing compliance and training.
  • Sexual Harassment training.
  • Safety training and OSHA compliance.
  • Exit interview with all departing staff.